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    I’m looking for collaborators for my Startup ? I backed a project and didn’t get the product yet ? Any news ? I wonder why so many people invested, could I message anyone ? I need recommendations to create my campaign ? We need more exposure, we are 80% funded with 12 days to go. I need a push.
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    What is Locodor

    Welcome to LOCODOR, the social media network exclusively for crowdfunding industry professionals.

    Our mission is to help you grow your business and become more successful by networking with the right people. We want to support and strengthen the crowdfunding industry by making it easier to stay up to date, share important information, connect and collaborate with the right people on a platform exclusively for crowdfunding professionals.

    Latest Discoveries

    Revolutionary GPS Communication Device with GPS, Phone App, CB radio

    Revolutionary GPS Communication Device with GPS, Phone App, CB radio

    Pre-orders, Staff Picks
    DESIGNED TO MAKE YOUR JOURNEY EPIC. GoTalk Pro is a revolutionary GPS communication kit. It consists of three ingredients – a state of the art sat nav, a unique game-like HUD and a tough bluetooth handset. The key feature of the kit is unlimited & completely open communication via mobile network – no range restrictions, telephone numbers or user names – connect with anyone, anywhere, any time with a press of a button. Just imagine the possibilites...
    Crowd-Computing Hybrids in Scientific Discovery

    Crowd-Computing Hybrids in Scientific Discovery

    Customer's Choice, Exclusive
    Researchers are nowadays overwhelmed by thousands of findings, devoting substantial efforts to keep up with advances in their fields. Understanding scientific topics and domains is a complex endeavor that is not well supported by current systems. Regarding the need of making new discoveries from large datasets, this project aims to show how machine learning can be harnessed by leveraging the strengths of humans and computational agents to solve crowdsourcing tasks for scientific discovery.


    Customer's Choice
    My name is Patrick Muthomi Samuel A recent beneficiary of Commonwealth Scholarship having just completed my MA studies in Education,Gender and International Development from the University College of London.I am thrilled to let you know that out of an idea incubated from a class group discussion forum(https://www.facebook.com/groups/1465544983466472/),with among other classmates;Teri Ham and Simon Luis, I have developed a pitch to start a research company in my home Country of kenya to drive social, gender and educational research with a aim of coming up with findings that will be utilized by stakeholders like NGOs (Including my Mentor NGO-WRAP KENYA) and Governments to programme for development for local populations.I have met all the requisite conditions for registration of a research company in Kenya called PIRES(Predictive and Inferential Research Company).I trust all of you as my friends share with me the sheer belief that development in any country is mostly derived by strategic research findings that inform policy,programmes and projects that reach the masses exposed by research findings.It is out of this clarion call that I humbly and with preconcieved appreciation inivite you my global friends to help me nurture and make this idea a reality . Please folks let me get as little as you can avail for me to unlock this dream! With thanks,
    The Thinking Egg – symbolized life, wealth and promise.

    The Thinking Egg – symbolized life, wealth and promise.

    We found that many people (including ourselves) wear our overstimulation as a badge of honor; The more we do, the "better". We want to steer away from that socially constructed mindset and wanted to create a tool to help remind us to slow things down, be more mindful, present and overall more aware in our day-to-day.
    Help Hurricane Harvey Victims- All Hands Volunteers- Approved by CNN

    Help Hurricane Harvey Victims- All Hands Volunteers- Approved by CNN

    All Hands Volunteers will provide immediate assistance through volunteer power by salvaging possessions, removing debris, and gutting damaged homes. Many homeowners are unable to complete this process by themselves or can't afford to hire a company, so All Hands comes in free of charge to homeowners to lift the enormous burden off of their shoulders.

    LOCODOR, the social media network exclusively for crowdfunding industry professionals.


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