Bring Your Ideas To Life With Locodor

With Locodor, it is your time to shine. Share your ideas with thousands of crowdfunders today, on a unique and vibrant platform that not only helps you raise money to turn your idea into reality, but also helps you build long term relationships with your funders and supporters. Locodor is the first ever social media crowdfunding network that gives a platform to your vision and helps you gain exposure, through networking.

With Locodor, you can get your ideas off the ground — whether you are a game designer, app builder, software engineer or a genius individual who has just come up with a fantastic idea for a great new gadget. At Locodor, you can become friends with like-minded folks who are willing to support your idea, and take it from the idea building phase to a completely finished product by helping you achieve your funding goal. As a member of Locodor, you can create your marketing campaign, share it with your friends, and spread the word across a range of platforms.

Locodor gives you the freedom to engage and interact with your funders, supporters, and other members on Locodor willing to support you, whenever and wherever you need.

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