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To gain six funding Investors, to purchase Villa for Exclusive Renting.

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Hi my name is David, i am looking for six Fund Investors. With an annual return of up to 30,000 euros, for each investor, for an investment of 350,000 euros. Each investor would have a one sixth share of the property price at the time of purchase.The property is a 9 Bedroomed Villa, on an idyllic spot in Marbella. With an average daily rental fee of 800 euros for six days of the week, and a 40 week letting cycle, leaving 12 weeks for your good selves, to either take a vacation with no charge, sell your two weeks, or offer to friends, family, or use for business clients. The returns are based on averages and can fluctuate. The one good thing about this investment, is that you can sell your share when ever you want, your share price will always remain the same 350,000 euros. So with up to 30,000 euros returns each year it makes for a fantastic investment long term or short term, your Dividends can be paid Monthly six Monthly, or annually. A renowned Law Firm will be used to draw up your individual contracts, all deeds and documentation be held by the Law Firm. full accounting will be available for viewing at any time.I would like to thank you for your time, and i look forward to a very healthy financial relationship with you, Thank you very much for your time. If you are interested, if you could like, and then private message me i will furnish you with further details, and pictures of the property intended for purchase.All funds will be held in an Escrow Account until purchase. Once again thank you very much for your valuable time

Six Share holders invest 350,000 euros each, for the purchase of an already selected Villa, The Villa will then be Rented on a six or twelve day basis, or longer if requested in multiples of six days. each six days would return on average 4,800 euros a week rental. This would give an annual investment return of 30,000 for each investor, subject to rental. And the original investment of 350,000, would remain safely attached to the property. your share can be sold to another investor at any time after the first year, Your investment would be paid directly into an Escrow account, and when the total purchase price has been achieved the property will be purchased, Built into your investment are all costs, and the furnishing of the property. The property purchase price is 1,900,000 you can have your dividend paid each month or annually. If you chose to sell your share after the first year, your sale price would be for the original 350,000 investment you made, I would like to Thank you very much for your time, and i hope we can work successfully together, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to put them to me.

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