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Freldo Mobile App – get advice from your friends about the best services!

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My name is Eugene. I am the creator of the new business network, Freldo.

I came up with the idea 10 years ago. Freldo is neither an innovative technology, nor a supernatural task … Freldo is a network that actually solves your problems.

In my opinion, the best way to do it is word of mouth. We trust the opinion of our close friends. The Freldo team built a business network that fully complies with the principles of word of mouth.

The key points of the network can be described as follows:

  • Only true comments from only close friends about a business,
  • Every business has its own business page – which completely simplifies the advertising process, and the business does not need to invest in promotion,
  • Leaving real comments is beneficial, as the business thanks their clients with a referral reward – real money.

We are proud to inform you that Freldo’s web platform has been successfully running for 6 months. Everybody can register now on Freldo’s social platform and start using our services.

So now we are ready to proceed with improving the Freldo network for our users. To do it, we want to build the Freldo Mobile App.


When the app is released, you can expect a smooth design. Believe us, user-friendliness is one of our highest priorities!

Freldo Mobile App will allow businesses to accept orders from their smartphones
, so they won’t need to always be around a computer in order to serve their customers. The app will shorten the time needed to serve each customer. Moreover, customers will have the opportunity to pay for services using their smartphones.We want our users to be in touch with their close friends and customers anywhere and anytime they want – at the office, university or on vacation.

The pictures below show a prototype to help you understand how Freldo App will look like:

Our project involves some great teamwork! Let me introduce the Freldo Team of Superstars:

We’re planning to build an app both for iOS and Android.

The amount we’re asking for will be used to implement our idea of a user-friendly app.

We’ve budgeted for:

  • Hiring new “mates” for our excellent team, who will be with us until the app is online both on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Social media marketing, which will help us spread the news about Freldo App across a wide audience.

This project is close to realization. All we need is your help, so we can start bringing this idea to life!



Backers (9)

  1. David Golshin  
    5 days ago
  2. Davide TSIPARIAS 
    1 week ago
  3. Aaron Bayle 
    2 weeks ago
  4. Jeremiah Sorenson 
    2 weeks ago
  5. Angela Brunstin 
    2 weeks ago
  6. David Bennett 
    2 weeks ago
  7. David Melamed 
    3 weeks ago
  8. Jonathon Hebblethwaite 
    4 weeks ago
  9. Tom@Locodor  
    1 month ago

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