GoSun Fusion: The Solar Powered Electric Oven

GoSun Solar Ovens help people power their lives with cutting edge solar technology.

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Like our name implies, GoSun is committed to helping you USE MORE SUN by powering the good life in backyards, campsites and villages around the world. All of our products are designed to be self-contained and compact. All you have to remember to bring is the GoSun Fusion Oven, your favorite foods to cook and some utensils.

For five years GoSun has pioneered and refined the cleanest cooking possible. Our success is attributed to space-aged, solar thermal technology called ‘evacuated tubes’ or ‘vacuum tubes’. These tough glass tubes seal in a high-vacuum creating unbelievable insulation so the sun’s rays can be harnessed like never before.

This Time Lapse Video shows the Fusion In Action:

  • Step 1: solar oven getting a big meal started
  • Step 2: sun sets and the PowerBank is plugged in
  • Step 3: guests and host get lost in great conversation
  • Step 4: electric heater finishes the chicken and vegetables
  • Step 5: someone remembers the hot and juicy meal left in the Fusion
  • Step 6: yummmmmmy….

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The GoSun Fusion integrates a 150 Watt heating element (equivalent power draw of an incandescent lightbulb) below the stainless steel Cook Tray, allowing for easy cooking — anytime. The Fusion combines reliability and portability that has never been possible before with solar or electric ovens.

When the sun goes down, you’re in luck. Plug it in, flip the switch and the magic continues…

The Fusion’s Hybrid Solar + Electric Technology enables cooking anywhere, anytime thanks to the oven’s vacuum tube, known for its advanced thermal performance. Five times more efficient than a normal oven, you can cook meals with the energy needed to power a lightbulb.

Portable and rugged, GoSun lets you cook in more scenarios than ever before without even a drop of fuel.

We want you to share.  The GoSun Fusion is optimized to bring your family a bang for the hard-earned buck.  The 3.2 liter Cook Tray cooks plenty of food for five full meals. We think of it as our mid-sized sedan (a hybrid, of course); after years of development, we found the sweet spot between weight, durability and cost.

                                                               “It’s like cooking in a Thermos, but you have to see it to believe it.” – Wayne Didier, GoSun Customer

A solar oven that transforms into the most efficient oven ever; the Fusion is game-changing.  Outdoor cooking has always required burning and the drama that comes with fire.  Electric is clean, reliable and safe, but before the Fusion you had to bring a generator to make enough power when cooking off-grid.


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How do I Power the GoSun Fusion?

If you’re out of power and sunlight, the GoSun Fusion can be powered from anything that can provide 150 Watts at 12 Volt. This includes 12 Volt Outlets or Power Source from carport jacks (cigarette lighter port), boat or RV battery and much more*.

A perfect way to power your GoSun Fusion Hybrid Electric Cooking is with the optional, lithium-ion battery power bank. The two pound power bank allows for up to one hour of off-grid cooking power. Just recharge your power bank with the provided AC adapter (wall plug) after your adventure and you’re ready to do it all over again; or recharge the power bank with the optional 20 Watt solar panel to remain completely off-grid.

You may be wondering why efficiency matters. We can explain.  The Fusion is the world’s first portable electric oven to work off-grid.  For example, instead of 1,500 Watts used by your toaster oven, the Fusion consumes 150 Watts, or 1/10th the power.  When run side by side, with the same meal inside, the GoSun Fusion is off the charts when compared to the status quo.

This is only possible with ultra-efficiency:

  • Reduced Power Consumption – you’d need a generator for most ovens
  • Reduce Weight – less power to fuel the oven means less stuff to carry
  • Retained Heat and Moisture – meals stay hot and juicy for hours thanks to vacuum insulation and high-temp. silicone seals
  • Off-Grid – the Fusion can be powered by a PowerBank that fits in your pocket

With all this capability, we want you to take it with you, anywhere the road may lead. So we’ve designed a rugged bag that fits everything and provides some cushion on the long haul.  Keep your mess kit stored in the bag and you’re ready to cook out anytime.  Without the bag, the Fusion is easily moved and carried via molded handles.



                                       Shipping Logistics and Referral Rewards Program:

All backers will be charged the minimum for shipping.  GoSun does not make money on shipping, rather passing along the cost to each backer depending on location.

International backers should know that we have not included the entire shipping cost to cover VAT’s, taxes and duties.  We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. For this reason, the shipping cost does not cover VAT’s but only covers cost of delivery to the address provided. GoSun may require additional fees before delivery.

GoSun will provide access to additional accessories to support other power sources such as an AC Wall Socket or 12 Volt battery.  The items selected will be shared with Backers when closer to fulfillment.

Cooking under full sun is always nice with a solar cooker, but GoSun operates under a wide range of conditions; cloudy, freezing, muggy, snowing, windy, dusty, you name it, nothing is off limits.  Now, with the electric heater, the cooking never ends.

Use the table below as a reference when preparing a meal to share.  The factors of weather, meal size, food density and moisture content make a big difference.  Once you get started cooking with GoSun, you will be amazed.

GoSun is trying to be as realistic as possible with our longest project timeline ever. We will not be sitting on our hands or going quiet on our Backers.




             For comparison, the other products GoSun has launched and built with the help of Kickstarter are exclusively solar powered.  If the GoSun Go is a Scooter, the GoSun Sport is a Sports Car and the GoSun Grill is a Family Van, then the GoSun Fusion is our new Hybrid Sedan.

GoSun is bringing change to those who need it most. Almost half of the world still cooks with wood and charcoal on a daily basis. This creates massive problems related to the environment, economics and human health. About four million annual deaths can be prevented with clean cooking technology. GoSun is committed to breaking a cycle of poverty and death around dirty fuels used for cooking. By backing the GoSun Fusion, you are supporting GoSun’s global effort to implement this solution in low and middle-income countries, thus removing pollutants and financial drain from the homes of millions.


Like our name implies, GoSun is committed to helping you USE MORE SUN by powering the good life in backyards, campsites and villages around the world. All of our products are designed to be self-contained and compact. All you have to remember to bring is the GoSun Fusion, your favorite foods to cook and some utensils.

Risks and challenges

This is GoSun's fourth Kickstarter campaign and we have learned a ton along the way. We are still optimistic designers, but we are more experienced in the reality of creating new, cutting edge products. We have extended the timeline to allow our longest runway ever for delivery. No one likes delays or being kept in the dark, so GoSun will be keeping everyone informed as progress is made.

The GoSun Fusion has spent years in the design and engineering phase so we are doing our best to prepare for the next phases. It will be made with new parts created from plastic molding techniques and expensive molds. There is always room for error due to tight tolerances and complex machinery.

International shipping is always a learning experience, but we have shipped products to over 80 countries and we've developed great partners to help with logistics. The majority of our logistics are handled in-house and the GoSun Team is well informed to support any issues.

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