LifeWatch – World’s First Emergency Alert Watch!

A Hybrid SmartWatch with a Proprietary Emergency Alert, Stay Stylish & Stay Safe! Get LifeWatch now!

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About LifeWatch Mk. 1

LifeWatch is the most streamlined and discrete method for calling Emergency Services on the market! It’s also the first Emergency Alert watch on the market. Although the original intent was for allergy-sufferers, LifeWatch quickly gained traction with women and men who may not feel safe on their walks home or at a local bar. LifeWatch’s proprietary emergency alert technology makes it the most discreet way to call emergency services to your exact GPS location, this allows for protection against kidnapping, date-drugging, and peace of mind for any medical conditions the wearer may have. With your contributions, we can make LifeWatch possible for the millions of people with life-threatening conditions and for the millions of young men and women who should feel safe on their walks home.  Staying Stylish and Safe at all times.

Millions of people in the United States are Hospitalized due to their allergies, diseases, and conditions. Most of those people are brought to the Emergency room via 911 call and ambulance arrival. LifeWatch’s emergency alert method is one of the fastest, most streamlined way for First Responders to receive life-saving information about the wearer so that First Responders can be better prepared to help in any situation.

Furthermore, the rate of abductions, rapes, and muggings of college-aged women has increased in the past decade, and in many instances, they are unable to pull their phone out and dial 911, LifeWatch gives them an extra, fast and reliable opportunity to receive Emergency Services assistance in their time of need.

LifeWatch, LLC. Team

LifeWatch was designed and founded by two young entrepreneurs who have a passion and excitement for keeping people safe, happy and healthy. Jack & Connor have known each other since the beginning of high school and have dreamt up, and worked on numerous projects together; including raising $14,000 for the Pulse Night Club shooting.

Copyright LifeWatch, LLC (C) 2017

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