OlimShield: Pre-Paid Legal and Financial Services for Israeli Immigrants

At OlimShield, we believe in helping new immigrants adapt to living in Israeli society.

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About us

OlimShield is committed to protecting Olim and has been fighting for Olim in different fields for over 10 years.

What makes OlimShield different than other non-profits who offer similar benefits?

  • We provide protection and peace of mind
  • We actively FIGHT for your rights
  • We are on your side

The OlimShield team has come to understand the following:

  • Not every Oleh is the same-
  • Not every Oleh has the same needs-
  • So, OlimShield is introducing a new concept:

OlimShield is a service designed to help new Israeli immigrants with whatever difficulties they might have during or after their immigration process. OlimShield offers pre-paid legal and financial services, as well as family-related services.

By joining us at OlimShield, you will finally be able to relax and forget about what’s bothering you — we’ll take care of it.  We offer different membership plans, just pick whichever one is suitable for you, and we can start working together!

What do we offer?

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What is OlimShield?

OlimShield is a trustworthy group of professional experts (lawyers, accountants, insurance experts, therapists, educational consultants and others) who profoundly understand your Olim experience and care about your success. We’re here to support you from your first moment of Aliyah to years later when you’re much more comfortable with Israeli culture but may still need support with complicated legal, financial, bureaucratic and/or cultural challenges.

Why do We Support Olim?

By mitigating and minimizing the negative experiences of Olim, we reduce the number of Olim who reverse their Aliya decision by making Yeridah (moving back to their native country). We believe that the more people we help, the more appealing Aliyah will become. We are a non-profit organization and we believe in the Zionistic Dream.

How Does OlimShield Work?

Every Aliyah is unique. You can pick the level of OlimShield service that’s best for you. A small monthly fee will buy you a membership to Olimshieldand will provide you  the level of support you want and need to prevent many problems from happening, as well as deal with the issues and/or challenges that do arise. Memberships are renewable every 24 months and you can upgrade any time as your own personal and/or family situation evolves.

The Fine Print

OlimShield is a non-profit organization. Our services are designed to meet your needs, not ours. You can cancel your OlimShield service at any time if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

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