Pillow Anti Snore for Good Sleeping

The traditional idea of ​​a "pillow" does not work. They are lumpy, flat, hot and do not have sure support for the neck.

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Who needs a pillow?

Anyone who sleeps or has a head.

The traditional idea of ​​a "pillow" does not work. They are lumpy, flat, hot and do not have sure support for the neck.

The chapter has its own set of needs:

• Your 8-10 pounds of head should be maintained and comfortable

• our shoulder needs to remove tension

• Your neck needs gentle but firm support

• You need air permeability to keep your head cool all night

• You need a pillow that keeps its shape so you do not wake up and adaprovali

• You need to wake up without tension and strain on the neck and shoulder.

Everyone knows a healthy and sound sleep is the best rest and recovery after a hard day. And we will be able to cope with you.

• Sleep without snoring.

• Curvature of the cervical vertebra

• Insomnia

We invested a certain amount of Finance in the creation and testing of the prototype, which showed his beautiful side. At the moment everything is ready for the completion of certificates and mass production launch. We are looking for like-minded supporters who care about healthy sleep, to make all our future products better, faster and cheaper than our competitors. Production network in China is fully optimized for mass production, purchases high quality raw materials with the most advanced, effective equipment, and they are ready to work.


Thank you!

It's been a long journey to get to this point, and we're just getting started on our mission to reverse the "text neck" epidemic. With your generous support as an a backer of this project, you'll not only receive a Pillow Anti Snore for Good Sleeping before everyone else, you'll be part of the journey.

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