Podbudy – Earphone keeps your earbuds securely in place in workouts.

Podbudy keeps your earbuds securely in place while you run, train, dance, groove, or take over the world!

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Podbudy keeps your earbuds securely in place while you run, train, dance, groove, or take over the world!

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You’d think designing and creating something as simple as Podbudy would be easy. Well, it wasn’t! The current prototype is the 22nd generation of Podbudy (and the 8th generation of the Podbudy pocket case) that we’ve made since the sketches were first drawn in November 2016. Take a peek at how Podbudy evolved to its current incarnation.

My name is Shiva Palani, founder of Comfortech, and creator of Podbudy. I started working on Podbudy because I’m one of those for whom earphones never stay in. Here’s a recap of how our year looked like, from the initial sketches to the pre-production run, creating Podbudy!



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Podbudy is a passion project. We saw a common frustration in the world and we are so excited to be able to help solve it. By launching on Kickstarter, the base camp of passionate and creative folks, we hope to make Podbudy a reality together with you.

We’ve invested an enormous amount of time and our own finances on research, development, sourcing, prototyping, and testing. Being on Kickstarter allows us to get an idea of quantities and production before officially pushing the product out into the world.

Please back us now to help bring Podbudy to the world!


Need a custom reward package not seen on the announced pledge tiers? Please feel free to contact us here, and we will be happy to entertain your requirement. We appreciate your interest, and we would love to have your support! 🙂


Risks and challenges

Through extensive product development in close collaboration with our production advisors, manufacturer and material suppliers, we have streamlined Podbudy’s design inside and out to optimize manufacturing efficiency. We made a soft tooling pre-production run this fall to verify the manufacturability of our design, and field tested the samples with beta users. Podbudy is production ready, and we are confident in the quality and efficiency of Podbudy, and in our preparedness and capability to deliver the product in the timeline laid out.

Our QA team is in place to personally check every shipment that will go out to make sure all backers receive the product without any defaults.

The challenge, therefore, will not be the production side, but mostly the fulfillment side, outside of USA. To eliminate any obstacles on this aspect, we are working with an undisclosed fulfillment partner who will handle the shipping and distribution of Podbudy to our backers worldwide, door to door. We are confident that with their expertise and efficiency, and the extensive worldwide network of couriers partners at their disposal, we will be able to get Podbudy to you without any hiccups, and avoiding any additional customs charge to our international backers.

Even the best efforts sometimes hit a snag. We are committed to transparency on all aspects of our product, project and its delivery to you. So, if for some reason we run into an issue or have a delay, we will let all of our backers know immediately and solve the problem as fast as humanly possible.


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