Power Junkie – Turn your Sony NP-F Battery into a Portable Charger

Turn your NP-F battery into a portable power bank.

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Cinema5D Review

For a full list of compatible cameras please visit our FAQ.

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When will it all ship?

We expect all rewards to leave our warehouses during December 2018. We are confident we can meet this target – as they say, this is not our first rodeo, in fact, it’s our 5th. We have great relationships with all our suppliers, our supply chain is in place and our logistics/warehousing partners are tried and tested.

 Tech Specs

Blind Spot Gear was launched in 2014 comprising of a close-knit team of creatives based in Glasgow, Scotland. The film and powering industry has long been dominated by a handful of companies and a raft of cheap, low-quality power and lighting, making the landscape difficult for smaller professional brands like Blind Spot to thrive in. It is a fiercely competitive market, both online and offline. Whilst the story of Blind Spot so far has been a success; the reality is that we still face the daily challenge of being up against the giants.

We’re passionate about the product experience we’ve got to offer and we can’t wait to share it with you all. With your support, we can make our new product a reality.

Blind Spot is now comprised of 7 members that have worked incredibly hard to bring this campaign to life. We really do hope that you like it and whether you’re a new backer of Blind Spot or have been with us since the beginning, we’re hugely grateful for your support.

The Power Junkie turns any Sony NP-F battery into a portable powering solution. Charge your devices or cameras with the Power Junkie, and stay powered throughout the day.

Risks and challenges

With 4 previous successful campaigns under our belt and a number of products already on the market, Blind Spot has a good handle on the various hurdles faced when launching a new product. In the past we have run into some unexpected delays and problems: this is inevitable when you are trying to do something brand new.

In short, we have learnt a lot and have never been more excited to launch. We are all very confident we can hit all the targets outlined in the campaign.

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