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The only device that allows you to stay connected anywhere in the world. While having the freedom to choose the best plan that suits you, with the best price as cheap as local pre-paid SIM cards.

Forget switching SIM cards or renting portable WiFi. Never spend time searching through websites to look for the most suitable plan for you.

When you are looking for data connection overseas, you would either go for Pre-paid SIM cards, Rental Portable WiFi or Global SIM cards, but they can be really expensive. Since Tern works with local service providers, we offer plans with the most affordable prices. Unlimited 4G data plans cost as low as $0.2 per day!

For more details on the prices, click here

Tern allows you to enjoy a truly global data access, no need to switch between SIM cards, no need to lining up and no contract is needed. Just select and purchase data plans of Tern’s supported countries, and simply activate it with one click when you are waiting to board the plane or waiting for your luggage upon arrival.

Tern also allows you to make and receive phone calls using a local number*. *Only available in limited countries and regions

Enjoy all your favourite apps wherever you go!
Enjoy all your favourite apps wherever you go!

Tern is compatible with almost any 4G network and most of the major mobile carriers’ networks around the world.

Wherever you are in the world, whether it be for business, or to simply keep in touch, Tern’s connectivity helps to make sure that you’ll have access to the Internet at any time of the day without a hitch.

Just add US$6 to any reward to get this exclusive case.

The Tern Carrier is the perfect protector for your Tern and your personal belongings. Tern can fit in perfectly while there is enough space for other items like keys or cards.

Our team of seasoned designers and engineers has managed to make Tern so powerful and looks fantastic at the same time. Here are some images throughout the R&D progress.


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